A Podcast?

Breana S

A podcast? What podcast? Yes, a podcast…but just any podcast, its Know the Neo!

Know the Neo is not your average school news podcast, its more! Ever wanted to have a one on one with one of your teachers, or even the principal about life?! Well its right here! Get to know the person that our school’s teachers, faculty, and staff really are, because truth is, they are not just someone who works at NeoCity and deals with teenagers. They are regular people. This may be surprising to some people, but they even go out in public, so you may see them at the grocery store but DON’T freak out, because they are just people too. And NO, they don’t live at school, they leave campus to do people things. So, if you see one in public, yes, they belong there, don’t run, act natural, everything is going to be ok.

Ok, but seriously, all jokes aside, everyone who works at the school is just another person. This podcast is meant to make our teachers, and school’s faculty and staff seem a little more “human” to us, and really allow us to get to know them a little better.

Currently, we have podcasts of our broadcasts and our first Know the Neo episode available on Spotify, Anchor, and Amazon Alexa so check it out!