Elon Musk

Do you really need a college degree to be successful in life? Is college worth it?

Carlos D

Elon musk and other successful people are now the top people that rule our technology, society, and how we do things. In an Instagram Reel, Elon musks states, “Colleges are for fun and that you can do your chores” Some people agree with this statements. Multiple people of wealth and fame and intelligence such as Elon musk, Bill gates, and others say the same thing. College isn’t nessecary to succeed. In fact, Elon in previous interviews stated that you don’t have to have a college degree or a high school degree to work at Tesla. You just need to demonstrate that you are willing to work hard and demonstrate that you can apply the things they teach you to that job. So, the big question here is “Why do colleges exist and do you need to go to college to be successful in life”?

The Big Question

Do you need to go to college? The answer is simply no. I say this because people that are doing labor work such as farming or constructing and other work forces don’t need a degree that indicates that you know how to work or make something function. You just need to put extra work and problem-solve. An example of someone that does not need a college degree to be successful would be a programmer. A software engineer can be self taught and learn everything for free practically except if there are some paid courses that you absolutely need to purchase. Being a self-taught developer means that you are gaining independence and problem-solving skills. Other professionals such as a farmer, can learn things online and look up information about a certain pesticide or unknown plant. The internet is such a big place and you can learn so much with all the resources available 24/7. So, why do people go to college? According to snhu.edu, it states that going to college and graduating gives you satisfaction, and it can improve with stability, earn more on average, less likely to lose their job, and improve your happiness. But still with all this, people like Bill Gates, started Microsoft when he was 19, and he became one of the most successful and the richest person. Steve Jobs started in his garage, and became a huge hit with the Macintosh (ie. Mac). Mark Zuckenburg started Facebook, and most of the elderly use it to show their life to the world and share memories. Another con of going to college is having a lot of student debt. Student debt is something that a lot of people face and cannot finish paying off until when they reach their 30’s. In a jubilee video that discussed this topic, most of the participants state that they went because they were forced or wanted to make their parents proud. They also said that they didn’t know what to do in life after college because they did not have that planned out or wanted to change their career. This can lead to more student debt. In an article by northeastern college, they say that hard work and determination is way different than just having a degree. Most people would agree that if you do not apply what you have learned, accomplishing a goal would be difficult. According to the video, the teens state that copying exactly from a professor will not help you succeed because you are not using a certain skillet or using what he/she is teaching you. People need proper experience in the workforce because working and learning is super different and people are going to use what you learned at the place where you work at forever and you get to apply it whenever you need it. So, if a student need college or not, it depends on how and on what a student are planning to use the college education for. In conclusion, students don’t need to have a college degree to be successful. People just have to dedicate their time and effort to do whatever they want to do in life.


Having a college degree does not mean that students are going to be successful in life or have an automatic ticket to a job. That is something that a student needs to work on independently, and need to accomplish to reach to a higher level of success. Just use the quote we all have heard, “Work smarter, not harder”.