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How is NeoCity Academy dealing with Covid-19?

Carlos D.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19, NeoCity Academy has implemented different methods of dealing with the pandemic. Many are used to the traditional paper-and-pencil grading where students turn in work in person, but NeoCity has always been using tools like Canvas and Office 365 in their student’s learning. Canvas is a platform where students receive instructions, assignments, and grades like a student would in real life. And Office 365 is ideal for collaborating with teachers and peers. Since every student at NeoCity has a laptop with access to the platforms described above, they are set to receive online instruction starting on Monday, August 24, 2020. Students can choose from three options: in-person, virtual, or Osceola Virtual School or “OVS”. Currently, 65% of NeoCity is face to face, 34% for digital, and 1% transferring to “OVS.” This article will go more in depth with the initial start of virtual learning, the pros and cons of virtual learning, and updated safety precautions.

Announcement From The Osceola School District

The first day of school has already been set in stone by the district. As of Monday, March 30, the district announced when school would start through an official statement shown below.

The Start Of Virtual Learning For NeoCity Academy

Last school year, on Monday March 30, students logged in via Canvas to start their virtual learning. They were given schedules of teacher’s contact availability in case they had doubts or needed to ask questions. This could be done via Teams, Remind, or a new function called “Canvas communication.” Students were sometimes sent an invitation to a mandatory meeting which included class discussions and future conversations. Teachers from different subjects held these meetings to help student’s understand more about what the goal is and what is to come throughout the year. For example, the Spanish Teachers, Ms. Lugo Rodriguez and Ms.Centeno held mandatory weekly meetings, which helped students prepare for the AP Spanish Exam held by College Board. Student’s participated in events such as spirit week from home by doing things such as wearing a “Star Wars” shirt or costume or cooking for your family on Wednesday.

One Student Said:

“Online learning is not much different learning-wise because we turn in assignments through Canvas anyway, which is an online platform. But social-wise, we can’t collaborate as well with our peers and teachers because of the distance.”

The Pro’s & Con’s Of Virtual Learning



The Process For Entry


On entry to campus students, teachers, staff, and visitors are required to take a temperature check and wear face masks.


The parking at NeoCity Academy will be quite different this year. Seeing as some students are gaining their driver’s license, there will need to be student parking. Teachers will be parking in one zone of the parking lot. For students, they will park in a different section of the parking lot. It’s not just a matter of pulling up your car and hopping out. You must apply for parking on the NeoCity Academy website.

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