How programming can improve your creativity and mind?

Carlos D

Code is the very thing that makes our devices run and perform certain tasks. Think about it as a mini computer. Without programmers, working devices would not exist and we may still be using mail to communicate. People think of programming as boring, time-consuming, and a waste of time. While some of it may be true at times, programming is the fundamental of every electronic. Programming opens up a new world of not just learning how to code, or using a interactive development environment (IDE) or Online Editors such as Wix, WordPress, and Google Sites, but also the design process. The design of the process is what makes websites so beautiful and appealing to other people.

What Is Design?

To design something means to create a template, prototype, or any form of visual representation. It is also a way to express yourself, be creative, and make a website unique. Design is a key part of any website. Without the design, the website may be unprofessional and messy. The point of making the design or the “Front-end” as most developers call it, is to attract users on their website for long periods of time. This means that the developer would get more attention from the viewer who, in some cases, may be a potential customer (or other target audiences). People such as Gary Simon from and channels like Design Course on YouTube, all focus on the design aspect.

What do you need to pay attention to when designing?

Many things are required when designing. Some examples include: white space, negative space, typography, colors, spacing, and more. The developer must think what makes the website comfortable for both the viewer, as well as how the website will be developed in the first place. Social media platforms also use colors to attract users to click on an icon or messenger button. They try to make you stay in the platform as much as possible, which of course generates income. Designing can be a huge career and is one of the most needed ones, along side developers.

Some important words and definitions are listed below:

How exactly does design or programming improve creativity and how can it improve the thought process?

A developer must be creative in everything when programming. Developers need to create ideas for Apps, Websites, Games, etc. After figuring that out, he or she need to have an idea on what it would look like, function, and other complicated aspects (but people will usually get a basic understanding once a project is started). To answer the question, design and programming goes in hand most of the time even if people don’t recognize it. When programming there will always be bugs, errors, or a image that does not load correctly, and that is when the thought process and creativity comes in hand. For example, let’s say a 30-high-resolution image fails to load. He or she would need to think of how to solve it and and potentially address that problem in the future. Creativity is especially crucial in design because a developer has to make the components of the design look appealing. This is done by effectively changing the amount of space, boldness, and color scheme. Designing allows people to come up with many unique things that can prevent copycats from stealing. Using different methods help make a piece of work different is ultimately how developers make customers/visitors come back.

Using creative ideas that are personal will make any website stand out. Even if a person knows nothing about programming or design, he or she can discover an interest and how it’s used in the new product/innovation.

How can developers get started with programming or design?

This is really a simple question. Many people start by visiting YouTube videos, freecodecamp, Google, social media or workshops on a certain topic. People do not need to use paid resources to learn topics like design and programming. Anyone can start building a dream project today rather than waiting four years to go to college or a technical school.