The Correlation Between Physical Health and Mental Health

Abdurrahman B

Physical activity is something that many people use to relieve stress, keep in good shape, and can also help a person feel good after months of hard work. Track is one of the many ways people like to stay in shape. The resulting factor of competing in track would be a faster sprinting speed and endurance while the results from lifting at the gym would be stronger and more developed muscles. Although there are many physical gains associated with playing sports and engaging in physical activities, it is imperative to not forget about the psychological and mental benefits linked to these physical activities.

As this may be a confusing concept to grasp at first, it is important to look into the scientific aspects behind the correlation between physical health and mental health. Researchers have looked into this phenomenon and discovered the connection of chemicals such as serotonin being released when physical activities and sports are conducted. This release of serotonin encourages a stronger immune system and emotional initiations. This can result in the reduction of stress, improving of mood, and enhancement of the immune system. According to, “Raising your levels of serotonin boosts your mood and overall sense of well-being.” The improvement and enhancement of the emotional state is clear evidence of the body to mind benefit physical activity has.

It is also vital to remember that when referring to mental health and physical health, a bondage should be made. ‘Mind’ being the mental aspect of health and ‘body’ being the physical aspect of health are two components essential for human sustenance. The major linking between them is the fact that they are both human health. Therefore, ‘mind’ and ‘body’ should not be referred unconnected or separate.

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