Who are we?

Emmy Lin

Despite the on-going quarantine situation, a group of students are bringing a newspaper to NeoCity Academy this fall called “Knight Times.” The name was inspired by “The New York Times” and coincidentally happened to be a homophone of the phrase “Night Time.” The purpose of the paper is to create a more connected space for NeoCity students, encourage conversations that matter, promote school clubs, and give students a deeper understanding at school. Knight Times will achieve this by publishing bi-weekly through the online newspaper at They chose an online platform because every student at NeoCity can easily access it with their own laptop. There, students can browse through the four categories: News, Arts and Entertainment, Features, and Opinion. Each category has it’s own specialty but contributes to the purpose of the newspaper as a whole just like the team at Knight Times. This article will go more in depth about the current status of the club, each of the four categories, how to navigate the Knight Times website, and a link to join if you are interested!

Current Status

Currently, the club has a website built out and a team of writers who meet every week. The time and place of the meetings will vary. Those who are choosing the digital learning option are going to participate in Zoom meetings while the others are meeting in person during Research. No matter how students choose to collaborate, quality articles will be released to the entire school every other week.

The Knight Times team met for the first time on August 4th and have begun writing different articles to prepare for the new school year. They have created different sections and topics for students to read and talk about. Students and clubs will be able to show the accomplishments they have performed and what they will be doing in the future to bring in new members and inspire others. As the year progresses, Knight Times will present and show more and more topics and accomplishments to keep students interested on what we are writing about.

The Four Categories

The “News” section will promote important school events such as Open House, yearly homecomings, spring dances, Tournament of the Knights (ToK), movie nights, testing dates, scholarship opportunities, and deadlines for college applications or event purchases. Students would have access to a trustworthy site where they could browse through the most crucial updates they tend to miss when passing by hallway posters. Therefore, the “News” section will aid the students and staff of NeoCity by serving as a biweekly breakdown/announcement.

The “features” section is dedicated to featuring clubs and teams that have either created extraordinary work, partook in a school, county, state-wide competition, or were selected by the school to represent NeoCity. The goal of featuring a specific team or person is to show recognition for the efforts that usually go unnoticed. It would also help other clubs document their accomplishments needed to sustain their club. Since a new class of freshman enter NeoCity every year, the features section can be a way to introduce the various clubs/interest at the school.

The “Arts and Entertainment” section proudly presents the creative sides of the students at NeoCity Academy. Impressive projects would be laid out on the page to show others the thought process behind the outstanding efforts. Students may even send in their proudest work from their portfolio to show the whole school. To create a fun and social environment, this section would also include top movie, television shows, or song recommendations.

The “insights” section will serve as an outlet for the opinions of the students, teachers, or admin of the school. Often, the voices of the students are unheard unless they are brought to attention on a school website. Students would have the option to interact with the news club through opinions as well. For instance, giving their own perspective on an issue, event, competition, or their experience as part of a team. The opinions give a human touch to the newspaper.

How to navigate the Knight Times newspaper

You can read the newspaper at Writers will publish new and fresh articles for students to gain insight on whats going on in our school. This website will be filled with more info and articles.

Join Us

For any students who are interested in joining the club, please fill out the form below. We would love to have you!